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A Groundswell Mural project with Majora Carter Group

Lead Artist:Crystal Clarity
Assistant Artists: Katie Yamasaki & Menshahat Ebron

Location: 823 Hunts Point Avenue, Bronx
Community Partner:Majora Carter Group


This mural is composed of an image of two strong women towering over their community buildings bringing nature and light into their community. The woman at the top is holding the sun, a powerful symbol of humanity’s source of energy and growth. The sunlight inspires nature to return to the urban landscape by sprouting roots underneath the buildings and sprouting vines, which crawl out the windows of the building creating a frame around the piece. At the top of the mural inside of the vines you can read the message “You don’t have to move out of your neighborhood to live in a better one.” Water towers burst open at the top of the buildings to cleanse and replenish the urban landscape and encourage nature to return. The water weaves in and out of the roots under the buildings and becomes river where you can see folks from the Hunt’s Point community based organization ‘Rock the Boat’ rowing and enjoying the natural elements. The other woman is planting a tree. The seed is avocado, a difficult seed to sprout. It requires the same patience and consistency and love required to help a community blossom. Throughout the building you can find people interacting with each other and nature in positive ways.

A Groundswell Mural project with Majora Carter Group

Acrylic on Wall
46 x 22 ft